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Welcome to Cable Ties Express, your one-stop online shop for the very best in superior quality cable and wiring products and accessories! From wire protection/identification and cable management systems to a host of other handy products and solutions ideal for use around the home, the office, on the job site and beyond-get everything required to meet the needs of virtually any project or application right here in one convenient online location.

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Some varieties of cable ties we offer are plastic cable ties, nylon cable ties, heavy duty zip ties, reusable cable ties, and even metal detectable cable ties which one can pick up with a magnet. Each type of cable tie has a different tensile strength and temperature rating. We also carry stainless steel cable ties in stock for your high or low temperature project needs.

Cable Ties Express offers more than just cable ties. Cable Ties Express has wide selection of 3M Electrical Tape. There are different sizes and types depending on your application needs. See our Electric Tape Selection Guide for more information on the types of electrical tape available. To order electrical tape, contact a sales associate.

Cable Ties Express also offers different wire management and wire protection products that work in conjunction with our cable ties, also a huge variety of solderless terminals and wire connectors. Another item Cable Ties Express offers is fantastic selection of heat shrink tubing.

Cable Ties Express' vast inventory is kept fully-stocked at all times to ensure that we always have exactly what you need-whenever you need it!

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